Colorado 13Ers Map

Colorado 13Ers Map

“The thirteeners are next.” The book compares in size and structure with its fourteener counterpart, chock-full of detailed information, photos and annotated maps for 59 mountains. Those are not Earlier this year, I picked up a copy of Gerry Roach’s “Colorado 13ers, From Hikes to Climbs Then one night I sat down in front of my vast collection of maps, opened up that book and a beer and The stunning fall colors against a backdrop of imposing 13ers and 14ers is stunning waterfalls within an hour of the metro area. The Colorado Department of Transportation released the interactive

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Much has been written about the mountain peaks in Colorado, about the 13ers and 14ers, about when and how and who He organizes them according to various regions of the state, marks them on maps His wife, Jennifer, has climbed over 1000 Colorado peaks including all the 14ers and all 637 13ers. She is the co-author on several annotated topographic maps. So what was behind this version? I Colorado’s “Twin Peaks” are two 13ers just west of Blanca Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Because while there are “Twin Sisters” on the map, the only “Twin Peaks” around here are the ones that exist

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Colorado 13Ers Map – A tall German couple pore over a topographical map where the dense contour lines look to be set down on paper with a haphazard disregard for order and simplicity. They’re sipping cappuccinos and We pored over my photos, topographic maps, even Google Earth After we finished climbing all of Colorado’s 13ers, my friend turned his attention to the lower peaks. These “12ers” may be less in with all 53 Colorado 14ers and dozens of the Colorado centennial 13ers under his belt. Like I, he was out for a day hike. He took his iPhone and, using Google maps, was able to find how far off we

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