Chicago Segregation Map

Chicago Segregation Map

Atlanta’s current segregation patterns can be traced back to redlining maps drawn up by the HOLC in the 1930s Like in many Midwestern cities, government officials and property owners in Chicago In a project she calls Folded Map, she is confronting a divide that still fractures Chicago and many other American cities. It’s a multimedia effort not only to document the ongoing effects of “After the riot, Whites decide the answer [to preventing another riot] is [further] segregation and an interactive map of the 38 deaths. Alderman Pat Dowell summed up the need to remember the 1919

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As the maps indicate, the density of black homebuyers This is particularly clear in areas such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago, which feature very high levels of segregation. (see At one end of the timeline is a blown-up copy of the infamous “Residential Security” map of Chicago drawn in 1939 by the government “It’s one thing to know about institutional racism and a pair of “map twins” from Tonika Lewis Johnson’s Folded Map Project. (Photo by Tonika Lewis Johnson) As a high school student living in the Englewood neighborhood, on Chicago’s south side, artist and

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Chicago Segregation Map – On the map, that dividing line is Madison Street (Courtesy of Tonika Johnson) Johnson’s exploration of segregation in Chicago has so far focused on the city’s North-South fold, though she’s Englewood and Rogers Park. They’re two neighborhoods on opposite sides of the city, but because of Chicago’s grid system, their street addresses look very similar. What started as a photography Tonika Johnson’s Folded Map project compares addresses on the 6900 block of North Ashland in Rogers Park to addresses on the 6900 block of South Ashland in West Englewood. | Screenshot of video

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